Laser Hair Removal for Men

It used to be that laser hair removal was just for women. Well, not anymore! In the department of “male grooming” laser hair removal has sky rocketed in popularity.

Shaving or waxing methods are time consuming and costly over your lifetime, and shaving presents the obvious problem of reach. It’s nearly impossible to shave your own back, let alone frustrating and embarrassing to find someone to do the job for you. Waxing results don’t last long; you have to go back every three to four weeks to get waxed again, which ends up being rather costly and painful to say the least. In recent years, the simplest solution for removing hair from the back and shoulders has become laser hair removal treatments. At Re.You Studio we specialize in quick, effective and doable laser hair removal that is FDA approved permanent reduction.

At Re.You Studio the most commonly treated areas for men are backs, shoulders, chests and abs. Men’s beards and necklines are also popular areas for treatment: it helps reduce the appearance of the five o’clock shadow, and the irritation involved in shaving this area where the hair grows in different directions and is prone to ingrown hairs (or a condition known as psuedofolliculitis).

So if you’re tired of chaffing under your shirt collar, or prickly stubble under your athletic gear, come see us and we can help you be more comfortable in your own body!