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Re.You Studio in Hyde Park | Cincinnati, Ohio

If you’re looking for laser tattoo removal, laser hair removal, laser toenail fungus treatment (onychomycosis treatment), facial rejuvenation, Botox, or Juvederm, Re.You Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio is here to help! Centrally located in Cincinnati’s Hyde Park neighborhood, we are a short drive from anywhere in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana. We offer a warm and inviting, approachable studio environment with affordable pricing and flexible payment options.  We call it “doable removal.”  Welcome to our studio… we look forward to exceeding your expectations!

Do you struggle with removing unwanted body hair? We’re here to tell you that you’re not alone! Body hair removal is time-consuming, sometimes difficult, and there are so many products out there that are ineffective. Many go their whole lives struggling to keep up with the losing battle of keeping and maintaining a hairless body. But, Re.You Studio is here to tell you hair removal doesn’t have to be a losing battle! At Re.You Studio, we’ve mastered the laser hair removal process and proudly stand behind it as the best way to achieve permanent hair reduction.

Our Laser Removal Services

  • No trace of ink remaining. Just clear, smooth, natural skin. SAFE, EASY, EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE, DOABLE REMOVAL.

  • Laser hair removal is PERFECT for eliminating unwanted hair, razor burn, bumps, irritated skin from shaving, and ingrown hairs!

  • The FDA-approved safe and effective Pinpointe FootLaser is available now in Cincinnati Ohio and ONLY at Re.You Studio. No pain, pills or loss or damage to the nail.

  • Skin Rejuvenation treatments with our laser trained Physicians are quick and easy, with NO DOWNTIME