Now is the time for TATTOO REMOVAL at Re.You Studio

Now is the time to follow through on unfinished business by eliminating your tattoo worries and completing Laser Tattoo Removal.

You remember why you decided on removal. That tattoo you got when you were younger doesn’t quite look the same, you’re having trouble getting a job because of your tattoos, or you want to join the Army, but they turned you away due to their new tattoo policy?

Well we’re seeing success at Re.You Studio! People are getting that job and getting into the military now that their tattoos are gone!!! People are moving on with their lives and their skin is matching the person they have become. Safe, easy, effective, and affordable – still a process, but proving to be “doable removal”. Finally, no more difficult or embarrassing conversations, no more career limitations or military denials, and no more constant reminders of your past and the person others think you may have been.

We all know that the only constant in life is change. Times have changed. You have changed. But, you still remember why you wanted your tattoo removed. So take the next step and complete the change with laser tattoo removal.

“The laser treatment itself, felt a lot like getting the tattoo but a million times faster. The entire treatment only took about 1 minute. After it is over the area feels kind of like you have a sun burn, a little tender for a couple of hours but then you are completely fine. I have completed my second treatment now and I can already see that it has faded significantly. I can’t wait for the final results!” (APB, Cincinnati, OH)

If you are new to the process, check out this video and click on the link below to see an actual tattoo removal treatment performed at Re.You Studio!

Schedule your next appointment today at Re.You Studio. We will customize your treatment plan and you can finally get rid of that unwanted tattoo!

NEW TO RE.YOU STUDIO: REPLENIX cleanser, lotion and sunscreen – the perfect compliment to the laser facials. Watch for our August special!