Just the Facts: Laser Hair Removal at Re.You Studio

Laser Hair Removal | Cincinnati Ohio

Perhaps it’s the most sensitive subject we talk about here at Re.You Studio because it can be the most troubling for so many: unsightly and unwanted hair. We should all be comfortable in our own skin but for some of us that trip to the gym, the pool, the beach, or out on the town in that little black dress can leave us feeling a bit too self-conscious. On the other hand, maybe the tedious day-to-day ritual of old-fashioned hair removal (we’re talking about shaving!) has become a nuisance. Maybe it’s time to stop waxing and tweezing. Ouch! Guys and Gals, there is a simpler and more permanent way to be smooth and attractive. Re.You Studio is here with LASER HAIR REMOVAL! We offer a full complement of treatments for bikini line, underarm, face, chest, back, legs, and full body hair removal. Re.You Studio is Safe and Reliable: We provide a safe, easy, doable removal. It is a comfortable and affordable solution. We use the advanced Cynosure Elite+ hair removal laser system along with our Zimmer cooler so you stay comfortable during procedures. Our state of the art equipment is versatile enough for men and women with almost any skin type. Physician supervised treatments are performed by our certified nurses and cosmetic therapists in the comfort of our warm, welcoming studio. Meet our nurse or cosmetic therapist for your free consultation and start removal the same day? Of course you can! Call to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION today at Re.You! We will walk you through your treatment plan and what to expect through the whole process. We will make sure you are comfortable and educated so you can make the right decision for your treatment. If you want to start your treatments right away, you certainly can! Once you begin, you’ll see the difference almost immediately. **Current Promotion: Laser Tattoo Removal: All police, firefighters, and veterans receive 1 FREE treatment (new clients only up to 6 square inches) or an extra 10% off of a package purchase. Valid from September 10-September 18!**