Groupon Offers Hidden Costs

A job or project sits unfinished.  Is there anything more aggravating?

Yet, that’s what can happen with some Groupon offers recently published for laser hair removal.

Local Groupon offers currently available in the market are redeemable for a series of four laser hair removal treatments.  However, it’s unlikely that four sessions will complete the process and attain the desired result.  The Groupon offer-takers are apt to find they will need additional sessions to complete the desired hair removal, and purchasing those additional treatments will add cost that exceeds a full treatment series at Re.YouStudio.

Just consider if Groupon presented an offer for a great price on one Gucci shoe, limit one.  Or an offer on a one-way flight to Australia.   When the cost of the other shoe or the return flight approaches or exceeds the regular price of the complete pair, or of the round trip, the promotional offer seems silly.

Purchasing a series of four laser hair removal treatments is very similar.  More treatments will be necessary to complete the job, and the cost of those individual treatments will likely exceed the regular price of a full course of laser hair removal treatments.

At Re.YouStudio, we provide a free consultation with customers about their laser hair removal needs in advance of treatment.  The consultation establishes upfront the number of treatments required.  Re.YouStudio is generally less expensive than many larger chains.  You can take advantage of package pricing, as well as promotional discounts that may be available at the time of your consultation.

You’ll start the process knowing the real cost will be fair and competitive, AND that it will complete the process!

Whether you want to remove unwanted hair for beach season, a honeymoon or other special trip, or just a better look in summer clothes, the professional staff at Re.YouStudio will help you get the job done.  In its entirety!