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Now available at Re.You Studio, the Venus Legacy™ is the ideal solution as it provides superior results in treatments that are both affordable and without any downtime, to help tighten face and body skin as well as melt fat with a combination of radio frequency energy and electromagnetic therapy.

Venus Legacy™ provides safe, pain-free, and long term results for Body Contouring, Cellulite Reduction, Stretch Mark Improvement, Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Tightening for the FACE,NECK and BODY.

What is so special about Venus Legacy? We believe the Venus Legacy offers the BEST nonsurgical technology to help tighten facial or body skin as well as melt unwanted fat. The radio frequency technology also treats cellulite and stretch marks.

When will I see a response? It really takes a complete treatment series for the results. For the face – 5 to 6 treatments are necessary. About 7 treatments are needed for body areas.

Are treatments painful? Patients describe the Venus Legacy treatments similar to a “hot stone massage.”

How much are these treatments? This is designed to treat one area – for example, the lower abdomen or upper neck would each be considered one area. Several areas can be treated at one session and reduced fees are available for a 2nd or 3rd area. Treatments are offered at a per session price, or you can purchase packages at a discounted rate.

Are all patients satisfied? Patient selection is a key factor to satisfaction. When properly selected, our patient satisfaction is over 90%

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