Why choose Re.You Studio for laser hair removal?

Why choose Re.You Studio for laser hair removal? 1. Best laser technology on the market means the quickest, most comfortable, and effective treatment available. Even our most apprehensive clients say, “Wow, that was no big deal!” 2. Experienced, friendly staff means you are in good hands! 3. Affordable! If you’ve shopped around (and you should) […]

What are clients saying???

What are clients saying about Re.You Studio laser tattoo removal? Several clients yesterday asked for referral cards because they’ve been telling everyone they know about us! They love it because it’s safe, comfortable, affordable and they are getting fantastic results! If you have been thinking about un-inking for whatever reason, including fading for a cover-up, […]

Laser Tattoo Removal – – – Start TODAY!

If you are thinking about laser tattoo removal, why not start today? Come in today for a free consultation and have your first treatment today too if you like!

Re.You Studio on Toenail Fungus – begin the journey to healthy feet!

Toenail fungus affects millions of people, yet commonly used medications and topical agents range from ineffective to potentially harmful. Did you know that Re.You Studio offers the PinPointe laser, a breakthrough in toenail fungus treatment that treats toenail fungus safely, quickly and without pain? The PinPointe laser gently passes through the toenail to penetrate the […]

Cincinnati Laser Tattoo Removal

A surprising number of parents tag along for laser tattoo removal appointments with their adult children. Curiosity, yes, but mostly they want to be sure it’s safe, clean, and reputable. We’re proud to say we are 100% parent approved!