Laser Tattoo Removal for Military Recruits!

You know us – we love the ink if you do, BUT if you are thinking about a military career, think before you ink! And if you need laser tattoo removal in order to be compliant with the new rules, Re.You Studio is proud to help you achieve your goals!

Tired of ingrown hairs? Laser could be for you!

If you’re used to shaving and waxing, you’re accustom to ingrown hairs. The annoying bumps are actually caused by hair growing sideways or curling under the skin. Laser hair removal is the solution to getting rid of the ingrown hairs once and for all. The laser kills the hair at the root, destroying the hair […]

Top 5 Reasons for Tattoo Removal This Week at Re.You Studio

Every person that walks through our front door has a story – some very funny, some very sad. It’s always interesting and always hopeful at Re.You – watching the ink fade away for a fresh start! This week our top 5 reasons for removal were: 1. I want to get into the military and have […]

How Does the Tattoo Removal Laser Work?

At Re.You Studio we use the Cynosure Medlite C6 laser. Our state of the art technology can eliminate your unwanted tattoo safely and effectively – but how does it really work? Our laser uses a high intensity light beam which passes safely through the skin and hits the tattoo ink. The ink absorbs the energy […]