The True Cost of Shaving Your Unwanted Hair

Are you considering laser hair removal, but think it might be too costly? Then read on! You just might be pleasantly surprised to see how much money you can save with laser hair removal treatments, let alone your valuable time spent shaving 3-5 times a week. If you are like most of us women, you […]

Laser Hair Removal for Men

It used to be that laser hair removal was just for women. Well, not anymore! In the department of “male grooming” laser hair removal has sky rocketed in popularity. Shaving or waxing methods are time consuming and costly over your lifetime, and shaving presents the obvious problem of reach. It’s nearly impossible to shave your […]

Just the Facts: Laser Hair Removal at Re.You Studio

Laser Hair Removal | Cincinnati Ohio Perhaps it’s the most sensitive subject we talk about here at Re.You Studio because it can be the most troubling for so many: unsightly and unwanted hair. We should all be comfortable in our own skin but for some of us that trip to the gym, the pool, the […]

Laser Facial Rejuvenation at Re.You Studio – Perfect time to start!

Facial Rejuvenation The first step to enjoying the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation is to understand the options available, and then decide what is most appropriate for you. Traditionally, facial rejuvenation has involved more invasive and drastic procedures like lifts, peels, injections or even acupuncture.

Now is the time for TATTOO REMOVAL at Re.You Studio

Now is the time to follow through on unfinished business by eliminating your tattoo worries and completing Laser Tattoo Removal. You remember why you decided on removal. That tattoo you got when you were younger doesn’t quite look the same, you’re having trouble getting a job because of your tattoos, or you want to join […]